Upcycle: a Singularity University 109+ Team Project

Waste Reduction & Reprocessing Waste Into Useful Products

“Images of people living and working in a landfill-dominated landscape are a stark reminder that in the next decades the amount of products that human use and discard will grow exponentially. These products are filling our landfills, contaminating our waters, increasing

atmospheric CO2 concentrations, and wasting energy and raw materials. In order for us to make significant reductions in CO2 emissions and environmental contamination, we are going to have to rethink how we make and use things. The idea of closing the recycle loop is simple enough. Rather than dispose of products at end of life, products are re-purposed, re-processed, or re-manufactured into new products. This project focuses not just on reductions of what goes to landfills, but on a systematic approach to product design to ensure that the landfills are not needed in the first place.”